ViCo – Visitor Control

The digital access control system records and manages your visitor flows fully automatically.

ViCo is the flexible deployable admission control system for buildings and outdoor areas

Due to the coronavirus pandemic, the German Federal Government has introduced limits to the number of people who can be in a building at any point of time. ViCo is a digital admission control system that enables admissions to be controlled fully automatically and intelligently.

ViCo not only fulfils the regulatory requirements but also caters for the customers’ needs. ViCo is highly configurable and can be used in a wide range of applications, e.g. in public buildings, outdoor areas, at trade fairs and in the retail sector.

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The principle

Simple and smart counting of visitors

Using innovative sensor technology, the number of persons in buildings is counted automatically. In the process, all system components communicate with each other.

Depending on how many people are already in the building, a traffic light system informs the customers both visually and acoustically whether they can enter or whether they have to wait.

During the waiting time information is displayed to inform the customers about hygiene measures and rules of conduct.

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The benefits

Highly flexible

Flexible form of visualization (e.g. info column, screen, traffic light) and adaptable sensor technology. Whether fixed installation or mobile solution: ViCo can be individually tailored to your requirements.

Detailed Reporting

Evaluation and visualization and of visitor flows with Tableau. Gain valuable feedback on factors relevant to success and for cost optimization.

Comfortable Service-App

ViCo-Service-App offers full transparency and manual adjustment referring to the current capacity. Plug & Play: Easy to install on your device.

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Presentation of the ViCo solution for the retail sector.

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The applications

For each industry the right solution

ViCo is flexible and allows for special sector-specific solutions. Whether for use by the retail sector, public authorities, banks, hospitals, trade fairs, events or amusement parks - ViCo is your first choice!

    The system

    ViCo is highly configurable and can be used in a wide range of applications

    Besides the ViCo software, the system is made up of four components that can be supplemented and expanded depending on the use case:

    • Sensors
    • Visualization
    • The ViCo app
    • Reporting


    Depending on your case of application we deploy the right technology for the sensors, e.g. infrared light barrier, image analysis or LiDAR.

    The sensors are independent of the specific measuring method, can be used outdoors and fulfil the requirements of the GDPR. In addition, they allow for functions such as AI-supported measurement, heat mapping and the recognition of protective face coverings.


    The hardware can be used flexibly to cater for different types of visualisation. All visualisation types possess a simple means of communication for the admission control (stop/go).

    Screens and columns also have a freely customizable surface to display instructions on conduct in the outdoor areas (e.g. keep a safe distance to other people, wear a face mask).

    ViCo app

    With the ViCo service app, you can manually intervene in the access control system at any time and adjust the capacity parameter for the traffic light.

    In addition, you and your staff have access at all times to the current counter reading, the traffic light status, the configured measuring zones as well as to the parameter for the maximum number of visitors.


    The reporting system enables the customer flows to be evaluated and visualised by means of business intelligence software.

    This provides real-time access to the capacity utilization data of the public areas and measuring zones, the customers’ average waiting times, statistics about the total number of customers, and also information on the number of people in measuring zones. Furthermore, you have assorted connection options, e.g. to your own website.

    Digital access control with ViCo at Cologne Zoo


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    Arrange a consultation now! We offer you the perfect admission control system – whether for indoors or outdoors.

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